Animal nutrition journal report: November 2017

A report is published for a personal interesting of the recent animal nutrition. The papers about “animal nutrition” which published at some SCI(E) journals were selected and analyzed. HTML scraping, data visualization, and report generation are automate process except sorting of the papers. Codes are available at

1. List of journals

journal_list <- read.csv("journal_list.txt", header=TRUE)
journal of animal science
journal of dairy science
poultry science
animal feed science and technology
livestock science
journal of animal science and biotechnology
revista brasileira de zootecnia
asian-australasian journal of animal science

2. List of papers

2.1. Review

results <- read.csv("journal_result.txt", header=TRUE)
results <- results[,c(7,8,5,4,1,2,3,6)]
filter(results, type=="review")

2.2. Monogastric

filter(results, type=="original article" & class=="monogastric")

2.3. Ruminant

filter(results, type=="original article" & class=="ruminant")

3. Wordcloud analysis

3.1. Monogastric